Floating Hearts

February 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Happy Valentine's Day!

I had such a great time working on props for the mini sessions.  With a heart punch and fishing line we created a sea of floating hearts.  It was magical.  

This is easy to create.  I taped fishing line on the floor and then taped the hearts to the fishing line at different intervals.  Once a line was full, I tied a loop to the top of the fishing line and slid it on a wooden dowel.  Once the dowel was full, I taped it to the ceiling.  I had two dowels full of heart strings.

Here is what I would do differently.  Learn from my mistakes and it will save you a lot of time in post processing.

1.  Use very fine or light test fishing line.  I used a heavier test which showed up in the photos.  Photos like the one above required a little more editing in order to achieve that floating effect.  In the image below you will be able to see the fishing line.  

2.  Next time I would also make twice as many hearts and tape them together so the fishing line runs between hearts.  In this photo to the right you will also be able to see where I taped the fishing line to the heart.  The silver lining is I was able to become more proficient at cloning in Lightroom.   

Overall these were really fun sessions to shoot.  The children were mesmerized by the hearts and had a good time interacting with them.


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