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 I have loved taking photos since I was a young girl.  I started out with a Nikon shooting film and as I type this, I am flooded with memories of film canisters, negatives and the smell of developing solutions.  

Taking film photos involved patience. There was no option to delete a photo so I had to get the shot right the first time.  Once a roll of film was done, I would race to the drugstore so they could develop it.  Unlike digital, I would have to wait until the film was developed before I knew if any of those images were great.

I took the photo above 25 years ago with my Nikon FG 20.  As I was flipping through my photos at the drug store I immediately fell in love with this one.   

I was so excited to have caught the spray in mid stream.  

I love the water dripping off her face.  

I love her expression.  

I am still proud of this photo.

Today I am still fascinated by water.   This is a recent shot of my daughter under our water slide.  It was taken with my Nikon D80.   I love it for all the same reasons I loved the photo of my niece 25 years ago.  The water droplets in mid air and especially her expression.  

Water is magical.  


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