Details Will Melt Your Heart l Family Photography by Julie Ryan Shiroma Photography

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Baby, feet, toes, Sadie's Feet

When my daughter was born I was so amazed at how soft and smooth her body was, especially her feet.  I love baby feet and little squishy baby toes. When I held her I would keep one hand on her feet and just hold them. So soft. As she grew, one of the saddest moments was realizing that because she was more mobile her feet were no longer smooth like a newborn. They were getting rough and my heart broke to realize we had transitioned through one phase so quickly. When I see a photo of baby feet now, my heart just melts and I can remember what they feel like. In a session with young children I will usually take a detail shot of their feet. Who can resist little feet and toes? baby, feet, toesBaby Feet baby, feet, toesBaby Feet

What melts your heart? Is it the photos that zoom in on one part and let that tell the story of the whole?  EyeEye

Or a photo that focuses on a  detail that you love. I love my daughter's eyelashes and in the photo below I also love

the two grains of sand next to the freckle on her eyelid. 

Sand, eyelashesSandy Eyes  

How about images that only show part of the story so the viewer gets to imaging the rest...  sand, hands, feet, details sand, hands, feet, details sand, hands, feet, details sand, hands, feet, details sand, hands, feet, details sand, hands, feet, details

 Hopefully you are inspired to create images of your own that will melt hearts. Show me what you love by tagging me in your images for a chance to be featured on my Facebook page.

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