When I was young, my parents would occasionally gather us all in the living room for the Ryan family slide show.  Like magic there we all were, huge and illuminated on the big screen.  There were fun images of my Mom and Dad before they had any kids and then there were the ones of all of us from the time we were born. Of course my favorite slides were ones that included me.

My daughter is like me. She loves to look through the pages of her scrapbook that I made when she was born.  Granted, there are only 4 pages, but she loves it. One day I will get around to finishing it...

I am originally from the Washington DC area but reside now on the beautiful island of Oahu. I am married to an amazing man, who is a pastor, and HUGE UH football fan. He is also a Cowboy's fan but this Redskin girl overlooks such flaws. 

We have one daughter who keeps us on our toes and fills our life with joy and laughter. 

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